Malak Kader Alduraidi

Learn more about me. Goals and motivations in my life.

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Journey after college: Is it really worth the rush?

Why you should never rush the process...

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Prague, Czech Republic

My study abroad experience.

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One thing about me..I love fashion! I was not one of those people who loved fashion since birth but instead I grew a love for fashion through my love for music. I also love to sing! I loved watching my favorite music artist develop over the years in music and in style. I loved watching

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How would you define beauty? I asked myself this question over and over in my head. I sat contemplating an exact definition or something that sounded good. There will probably never be an exact definition to this word because people have different opinions about the word itself. However, I do have my own personal definition.

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About Me

Hello all! My name is Malak Alduraidi and I am a graduate from The University of Tennessee. I am a native from Nashville, Tennessee and I currently work in production at Jewelry Television. I am one of six children and a first generation college student. I am dedicated and passionate about turning my dreams into

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