IG Models: Are They Winning?


In today’s world we tend to be on our phones when we are in a room full of friends. We tend to talk about which celebrity is dating who, how to perfectly contour our face and share our “body” and “relationship” goals on timelines and group messages.

Our favorite Instagram star has the perfect face, clothes, shoe closet and her everyday life just appears flawless.

We see them posed in the kitchen with marble floors on a counter with the new “fit tea” with waist and hips that seem almost impossible to get.

So, we sit on our timelines clicking through these women pages which in turn takes us to about 30 people’s pages that we don’t even know and unconsciously has us wishing that our life was like that.


I had to take a step back and ask: Why are women so infatuated with this type of lifestyle and overall lack of self-respect?

We currently live in a world where women can make six figures or more by simply sleeping their way to the top.

The truth is that this generation has idolized people with a lack of talent and lack of class. Our endless Instagram “likes” and the retweeting of headlines filled with nothing but drama has caused us to be brainwashed on materialistic things in a world filled with poverty, racial injustices and lack of support from the government.

But let’s not point all the fingers towards women. Men’s “Woman Crush Wednesday” photos are of the latest Instagram models posed half naked in the mirror with a pair of booty shorts and a crop that showcases a pair of nipple rings and silicon booty. Along with the random “light skinned” vs “dark skinned” debates.

Let’s not get it twisted.


Of course these women won’t post captions titled, “Just chilling with my new lips and filter that showcases zero acne,” or “Let me pose like this so my butt looks big and I can get attention from everyone but the man I’ve been hoping for.” However, Google showcases photos filled with before and after pictures of the hottest Instagram models and some women are completely unrecognizable.

Money makes a HUGE difference on how women are portrayed to the world and honestly everyone isn’t that flawless or happy with their lives.

This month, I took a fast from social media because I began finding myself hopping on Instagram and Twitter as soon as I woke up instead of digging into my spiritual world and thanking the man above for another day and another chance.

During this fast, I could really see a difference in my attitude and spiritual growth. I wasn’t concerned about who was doing what and what so and so had on. Instead, I thought about myself and what I can do to make me become an overall better woman.

Although the world may seem as if “hoes be winning,” the truth is that it is so much doper for you to be your true self! Having an education, self-respect and not being afraid to show your flaws shows how beautiful you really are.

Men, your woman should be a reflection of you. Women who hold themselves as Queens will always be winning.

P.S.- I miss these types of women in the media!



10 comments on “IG Models: Are They Winning?”

  1. Kia Reply

    Aren’t we all sick of seeing fit teas, waist trainers, butt enhancing creams, super tiny waists with huge hips, and overly contoured jaw lines? YES we are over it for 200 Alex! Work with what you got ladies, and be true to you. After all, we are ALL beautiful! Great write-up Malak!

  2. Brielle Reply

    I couldn’t agree more! Women are so focused on getting the attention of guys who only look at them for the body they have. I miss the women who are into themselves and confident in the women they are becoming. Women are and will always be queens and the sooner they realize that the sooner men will respect us for who we are. I loved reading this! ❤️

  3. Treycoya Reply

    I love your perspective on this topic! It’s crazy how much people crave attention for basically doing nothing but they get paid well for it. Smh I definitely miss the days before social media got so popular.

  4. Kamille Reply

    You just preached a mighty word sis! So over this era of “IG models” 🙄. Bring byke the REAL, GOAL-digging Queens 2016 👑. Great read!!

  5. Tayla B Reply

    You made my true thoughts come to real life with this read! Nice to know I am not the only one who feels this way.

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