J.Cole releases Forest Hills Drive Live On 31st Birthday


J.Cole releases his Forest Hills Drive album live done in his hometown in Fayetteville, NC on his 31st Birthday.

I was skeptical at first thinking, “Why would I want to listen to the same album live?” but there is a HUGE difference and well worth the listen!

I sat there listening to his live album in absolute awe in how it is even possible for someone to listen to each song as if I am at the actual concert myself. The crowd continuously goes crazy which in turn gives you that crazy energy!

J.Cole starts the album by telling the crowd, ” a few months back I dropped this album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive and sh**,” Cole said. “I don’t know how many of y’all heard about it but they tried to say it was the first album in 25 years to go platinum with no features. Since they said that if its cool with y’all Im trying to perform the whole motherf** album! ”

The crowd goes crazy and he begins to take them through the platinum album from beginning to end.

He does not just go straight through without adding in classics such as “Nobody’s Perfect” and “In The Morning” along with a few others.

Throughout the whole album he gives off nothing but great energy and a heck of a performance. During “Love Yourz” he gives the crowd a motivational message about not seeking money and fame for happiness but instead be happy in knowing that you have love which conquers all.

This album is a heck of a birthday present to us all!

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