Most Anticipated Anti Album Release: Review on Rihanna’s album

Rihanna in a pair of Dolce and Gabbana headphones

Rihanna in a pair of Dolce and Gabbana headphones

The time has come and Rihanna has finally released her 8th studio album titled, “Anti”.

The fans have long awaited the release of her 8th album from countless rumored releases and an upcoming Grammy performance and world tour.

“Anti” was accidentally leaked for 20 minutes on Tidal before it was temporarily deleted and then officially released later in the day.

Rihanna soon announced the Deluxe version of the “Anti” album available on iTunes on Thursday evening.

Rihanna ensured people that her album was “well worth the wait” and I can agree. We may not be able to listen to this album with a pair of $8,000 Dolce and Gabbana headphones but the album is beautifully written and “anti-basic”.

This album was outside of the norm for the Bad Gal. Rihanna has topped the charts with numerous record-breaking songs with catchy tunes and fun vibes. However, this album was more musically focused and probably will not be heard inside various clubs. Instead, this album is a lot more mellow and can provoke a lot more emotion.

Rihanna shows various vocal ranges that we have not seen previously with songs such as “Love on The Brain”, “Higher” and “Close to you”.

Rihanna has featured artist such as SZA in the song “Consideration” and her first single with Drake titled “Work”.

The Bad Gal showcases her confidence and all around “I don’t give a f**” attitude with songs such as “Yeah I said it” and “Needed Me”.

Rihanna gives her classic sexy vibes with songs such as “Kiss it Better” and “Sex with me”.

Whether it was Beyonce or an accidental glitch of the release of the album, I’m sure we are all saying thank you.

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