Outgrowing Relationships: The power of growth

It was my first day on campus and I felt so excited about this new journey. I was moving onto a new chapter in my life. Everything had that new and refreshing feel. I didn’t know where anything was and that was quite obvious with the orange lanyard across my neck. College was what I had seen on the movies. Parties every night, meeting random funny college students at outings and inside the residence halls, and every night felt like a movie. Even if my friends and I were bored in Hess Hall, we would walk over to the 24 hour iHop in Presidential Courtyard at 3 a.m. just because we could. Everything was perfect and I lived in the moment. I had almost no worries and I knew that I was in no rush to close this chapter in my life.

I never understood as a freshman and sophomore why upperclassmen were so anxious to graduate. I always thought, “Man, they are crazy. I’m loving every moment!”. As a couple of years went by I finally realized exactly how they felt.

Of course I am still a young adult and I am still loving every moment that God blesses me with. However, staying an extra semester has made me realize that I have outgrown so many things and people around me. I am not the same person I was as a freshman and I am very thankful for that. I am happy that I had a huge friendship circle my freshman year because we all had so much fun and it is definitely a memory I will cherish forever. But as I have gotten older, I have also grown wiser and I know now that certain people are only temporary and will need to be removed so that God can elevate me onto the next level.

Relationships with friends should be compared to a relationship with a significant other. Your relationship with friends should also be growing. You should not be having the same conversations you once did before and goals should start getting closer to reality. If you are not elevating together then mindsets start changing. Your overall outlook on life starts to change and develop. Buying shoes and clothes becomes less of a priority and saving and traveling the world is of more importance. Partying does not seem fun anymore when you are older on campus simply because you are not as relatable to a freshman, sophomore or junior.

As you get older you will also start to lose friends due to envy. You know that jealous friend that is waiting for you to fail. These are the people that seem like your friends but then they start slowly trying to do the things that you are doing, never seem that excited for your accomplishments and try to find ways to knock you down to other people. BEWARE: these people act like your friends on occasions, is great to hang out with and appears to want you to be successful. However, they are always negative and find a way to be negative about any given situation. These people are very recognizable as time goes by.

Overall, I am very happy with how far I have come and I very grateful for every individual that I have crossed paths with. I am a firm believer that God places people in your life to teach you a lesson and also just helps build your overall character. I graduate three months from today and I am so blessed to have gotten to this point. My underclassmen days were so much fun but the day I walk across the stage will be the moment I have always dreamt of. The overwhelming joy that my parents will receive are my ultimate satisfaction and I am extremely happy for that very moment. I will say, live in every moment and never take any lessons learned for granted :)

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